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Get a sneak peek inside my brain

Want a bit more of a sense of who I am and what I'm about?  Then take a moment to check out this two part interview I recently did with Adrian Reynolds of Evolver Talent.

In the first part, I share some of my thoughts about NLP, innovation and focusing on what's most valuable. The second part explores the topics of children, faith, Spiral Somatics, and the need for more human-ness in the field of NLP.

Read and enjoy!

Evolver Talent interview with James Tsakalos, part 1

Evolver Talent interview with James Tsakalos, part 2

And for your listening pleasure ...


Some time ago, the rather funky and laid back Jamie Smart (who is also one of the most well-known and successful NLP Trainers on the planet) decided to interview a bunch of the people that he considers to be among "the best of the best" in the world of NLP.

The result was The NLP Monthly Mastery Series.  And I'm in there.


Now - I can't just give away the whole interview he did with me, because we are talking about a commercial product here ... but I can offer a snippet or two - like the following:

The NLP Monthly Mastery Series:  interview with James Tsakalos

In the beginning ...  (7:28)

Real skills vs magic pills  (5:36)

Non-NLP influences  (4:18)


And of course, if you want to hear the whole interview (over an hour in total) - plus a whole bunch of others with some of the very best NLP experts on the planet - then take a look at The NLP Monthly Mastery Series.

There's gold in them thar hills ...






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