From the gods and demons of ancient mythology to Santa Claus and his list of good children to the modern Hollywood money machine, people have been using stories to shape perceptions and influence behaviour for thousands of years.

And there are ways to tell a story that will make it utterly forgettable, and there are ways to make a story come alive and burrow it’s way deeply into a listener’s brain so it stays there for years afterwards, whispering quietly at the back of their mind …

So if you’re curious to learn the secrets behind telling engaging stories that lead people to where you want them to be – and ESPECIALLY if this is a skill you want to develop for yourself – then you might want to clear your calendar now so you can join me for this special event.

‘The Art of Storytelling’  is a three day immersion in the art of telling captivating stories to capture the attention, engage the imagination and move the emotions of an audience – regardless of whether that audience is a single person or a crowd of thousands.

So if you’d like to improve your ability to influence the way people see, think or feel about something, then this is the training for you.

And if you happen to be (or if you’d like to be) a professional speaker, trainer or facilitator, then I certainly don’t need to tell you how much of a no-brainer this is.  You’ve probably already booked in by now, so I’ll see you there!


DatesJune 2-4 (Friday – Sunday)
Times8.00am to 6.00pm
VenueThis event will be happening at ‘A Secret Location,’ which can be found at this address:

6 Roper Street, Moorabbin

Ok, just book me in already!

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