COVID-19:  the state of play as of March 2021

We are living in a time of face masks, restricted movement, remote working and physical distancing.  And while there are still some aspects of life that have stayed pretty much the same, quite a lot of things are different at the moment.

This has affected how both my local and international trainings are moving forward – though in different ways.  So allow me to walk you through some of the key changes:

International trainings

All of my scheduled trainings for the USA, UK, India, Europe and the Middle East have been postponed until further notice … and as much as I would love to be able to say I’ll be back later this year, I really can’t see any of those happening until 2022

Melbourne trainings

Now that lockdown is behind us, the wait is finally over!

That’s right – you can finally come and attend any of our Melbourne NLP courses – LIVE and in person – at our private training venue in Moorabbin!  … although there will be a few changes in how we’ll be doing things.

Some of those changes are things you’ve probably already encountered elsewhere:  hand sanitizer is available for use at the venue entry and throughout the premises, seating in both the training room and breakout area is set up to maintain safe physical distancing, shared refreshments are out, and all high touch surfaces are regularly disinfected.  Pretty standard stuff these days.

But also:

In order to allow sufficient space for demonstrations and exercises while also maintaining safe physical distancing, all of our courses will now be limited to a maximum of 9 participants per course for the foreseeable future.

And here’s what that means for you:

If you’re interested in attending one of our courses, it means that you’re going to get more individual attention, more real time feedback and more personal coaching when you do.

So if you’d like to develop your NLP skills in a deeper, more thorough way that is more customised for you and your personal outcomes … there has literally never been a better time to do so.  Challenging circumstances sometimes come with hidden opportunities!

However, comma …

The limit of 9 participants per group ALSO means that we are probably going to reach our maximum numbers for any given course fairly quickly – so I strongly recommend booking early.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this is going to be how things are for a while.  Nobody really knows when things will be back to normal, so I don’t know when my international trainings will resume, and I don’t know how long we’ll be keeping Melbourne group numbers in single digits, but that will almost certainly be the case well into 2021.

With any luck we’ll all be safely past this COVID business next year some time.  Here’s to a brighter future on the other side!


James Tsakalos