The Art of Opening Minds:

Transforming perceptions and creating epistemological change by facilitating the kinds of emergent realisations that change everything


There is a profound developmental path for self and others hidden in plain view inside what, for many people, has sadly become little more than a set of clarifying questions:  the metamodel of language as derived from the transformational work of Fritz Perls (the creator of gestalt therapy) and Virginia Satir (the creator of conjoint family therapy).

The essence of this path begins with the ancient maxim famously inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi:  “Know Thyself”

And to follow this path (or to lead someone along it) involves recognising and following the clues that the structure of a person’s language (including our own) provides about the shape and structure of their preconscious patterns of perception, reason and meaning making.

Approached in this way, the metamodel is a revealing epistemological map that highlights the connections between perceptual positions, rule based reasoning and the patterns of persuasive implication commonly known as ‘sleight of mouth’.

And when applied developmentally for self or others, the metamodel is not just about addressing individual beliefs or perspectives, but rather about intrinsic patterns of perception, reason, meaning making, decision making and motivation.

In other words:  it’s about facilitating emergent epistemological change that is generative far beyond the scope of the context and content in question.

So how about it:  ready to go deeper?

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